Upsell and Cross Sell

Explore the benefits of upselling through our Upsell App designed specifically for Shopify. Enhance your average order value by leveraging features such as Auto Add, Gift with Purchase, Unlock Offer, User Segmentation, Campaign Scheduling, and Post Purchase Upsell.

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Increase Order Values with Smart Upselling Techniques

Boost your sales with our powerful Upsell App for Shopify. Utilize features like Auto Add promotions, segmented campaigns for VIPs, scheduled offers, enticing gifts with purchases, and intelligent post-purchase suggestions.

  • Auto Add Promotions

    As a Shopify Admin, when I set up a qualifying item, I ensure that adding it to the cart auto-adds a promotional item. If the qualifying item is removed, the promotional item also gets removed, guaranteeing aligned promotions at checkout.

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  • Gift With Purchase

    As a Shopify Admin, I want to launch a campaign: when a product is in the cart, users can manually add a set number of discounted items. Exceeding the limit disables the rest, and removing the main product auto-removes the deal items.

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  • Unlock Your Offer

    As a Shopify Admin, I want to configure a campaign that rewards users with products based on specific purchase criteria. During their purchase process, I want to display a prompt showing how much more they need to spend to unlock an offer.

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  • Customer Tag Segmentation

    As an admin, I can launch campaigns designed for particular segments, ensuring that users with tags like VIP, LOYALTY, or any selected identifier uniquely access these special promotions.

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  • Automatic Campaign Scheduling

    As a Shopify admin I want to set up a campaign, scheduling it to automatically activate and deactivate based on chosen dates. The campaign will run during the specified period and automatically turn off on schedule.

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  • PDP Upsells and Cross Sells

    As a Shopify Admin user, I want to display upsell and cross-sell products on the Product Page based on user preferences and product relevance, So that when a user meets the criteria, they can view these suggestions and potentially increase their cart value.

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  • Cart Upsells and Cross Sells

    As a Shopify Admin user, I want to enhance the shopping experience by introducing upsell or cross-sell in the cart. When specific criteria are met in the mini-cart, I'd like a selection of recommended products to appear. Users should have the option to choose from a list or a carousel display.

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  • Post Purchase Upsells

    As a Shopify Admin, I want to present customers with targeted post-purchase upsell offers based on specific rules. Additionally, I'd like to include a timer to encourage immediate decision-making, and also provide an option for users to skip this offer if they choose, ensuring a non-intrusive experience.

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  • Post Purchase Down Sells

    As an admin user, I want to introduce a down-sell option during the post-purchase journey, so that if a customer declines an upsell offer, they are presented with a lower-valued alternative. Additionally, I'd like to offer a down-sell promotion by adding a discount, ensuring we capture potential sales.

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