Our Shopify Apps

Our suite of Shopify apps is designed to enhance your online store experience. From driving sales to simplifying user registration, here's a comprehensive guide to help you make the most out of our apps:
  • 💵 LC Upsell and Cross-sell

    Offer Auto Add, Gift With Purchase, User Tag Segmentation, and scheduled campaign enabling. It strategically drives sales via Post-Purchase and Pre-Purchase funnels. The tool is a powerhouse for businesses aiming for amplified sales growth.

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  • 📣 LC Bundles with Discounts

    Offer custom product bundling to boost sales. Pair a main product with up to three discounted offers to increase order value. Enhance the storefront UI and leverage complementary product strategies for growth.

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  • 👥 LC Easy Account Creation

    Offer post-purchase account creation on the "Thank You" page with brand-aligned customization. Simplify sign-ups focusing on essentials, capturing birthdates for incentives. Include auto-tagging for marketing and opt-in communication choices.

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  • 🦙 LC Manual Related Products

    Manual Related Products lets you handpick product recommendations for any product page and offers easy import via drag-and-drop CSV files. The app ensures data backup, simplifies bulk product addition, and provides language translation support.

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